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I think about pokemon in non-battle situations a lot. Like pokemon who have been trained/raised to be helpers and assistants than to be battle partners.

Pokemon visiting hospitals to cheer patients up like dogs and cats do. Or ones that help kids learn to read, speak, swim, go through therapy?! Even pokemon who’s abilities help owners with specific disabilities?!

I love thinking of pokemon outside of battle situations.

I want to see more of this. 

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Ha’a Keaulana runs across the ocean floor with a 50 pound boulder. They do this as training to survive the massive surf waves of winter. She learned her amazing skills from her dad, legendary waterman #briankeaulana and her Grandpa, #Buffalo. I was very humbled to learn from the Hawaiians who have salt water running through their veins. Mahalo Nui Loa. Please stay tuned for our upcoming story on the Hawaiian surfing culture. 

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Brian Keaulana taught me to surf. Amazing family.

So THAT’S what that was for. I saw it in that movie “Blue Crush” and was like “Why is she doing that?”



[channelate] (bonus panel)

well.. that was a pleasant plot twist


BATMAN: BLACK & WHITE #1 (June 1996)
"TWO OF A KIND" By Bruce Timm

This is my favorite Two-Face story and Timm is a genius 

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Monaco’s Stairs

Monaco, France

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I’m not sure what’s going on but I like it.

now this is a dionysian rumpus worth attending

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Popeye the Sailor Moon

By the power of me spinach, I will pulveratize ya.

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do you know how rewarding, utterly validating it is when you see a hero who you identify with and who represents you be written well with the respect and dignity that they deserve to be written with and treated with and is finally given a chance to be adapted onto the big…

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Something I’m working on for the craziness in #ferguson, thinking of adding more heroes….#blaqzart #dccomics #marvel #blackheroes

This is so dope!

this is the only dc/marvel crossover i ever wanna see

this legit hits me


Here’s Aquaman with she-ra’s sword of power while riding a giant water serpent.

using nothing more than newton’s laws of gravitation, we astronomers can confidently predict that several billion years from now our home galaxy, the milky way, will merge with our neighbouring galaxy, andromeda. because the distances between the stars are so great compared to their sizes, few if any stars in either galaxy will actually collide.
any life on the worlds of that far off future should be safe, but they will be treated to an amazing billion-year-long lightshow.
a dance of a half a trillion stars, to music first heard on one little world, by a man who had but one true friend.

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Commentary post.

This strip is to be taken into context with depression comix #173 and #174 featuring the same character, who has been threatened with suicide for leaving. What I wanted to illustrate is how these things can wound people. Naturally, this is not a depiction of everyone who suffers from depression and those around them, but this type of situation does happen enough to warrant exposition.

I introduced this character because a lot of comics about depression are focused solely on the person suffering, and I wanted a thread about the suffering of those on the periphery, because it’s not only difficult to live with depression, it’s difficult to live with someone who has depression, albeit in a different way.

Bolded emphasis mine, as is the following opinion, of course…

I’ve been on both sides of this equation, and I honestly think it’s more exhausting to live with someone who is depressed than it it is to actually be depressed. I admit this as someone who is himself bipolar — when lost inside our own heads we can be extremely passive-aggressive, manipulative, capricious, defensive, and often climb on the proverbial cross and crucify ourselves as martyrs. We often tell the person dealing with us most intimately that we’re “walking on eggshells” around them, but that’s usually bullshit — they’re the ones who actually have to walk on eggshells and bend over backwards trying not to do or say the “wrong thing.” And the guilt. The guilt and anxiety and genuine worry our lovers and friends and family members carry is, at times, debilitating.

Tumblr is all too often about how to treat a depressive person properly. It rarely gives credence or proper attention to those souls who brave our stormy waters and wade in hip deep. We often unconsciously demand that they be nothing short of paragons. Try being that for a day, and see how long you can do it, as well as how much it takes out of you.

I’ve received some heat for this strip on various social networks so I’m grateful for your addition. Thank you.


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