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This is the final version for our bird character in Project Paper. She has no official name yet but I dubbed her Harpy, early in production, which later got changed to Valkyrie. Out of all the characters in the game, she is the one with the most detail and complexity. 


"computer science is no more about computers than astronomy is about telescopes" - E.W. Dijkstra





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Wizard craft

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"we can no longer protect you forever."
by Daniel Danger
24x36” five color screenprint.

Thursday 8/21/14: im posting this new print on tumblr, twitter, and instagram. reblog, retweet, or instagram this image with the title and #danieldanger and i, through some very scientific means, will pick one random follower who does this from each service on monday and send them a personalized copy for free. sound good? cool. shameless? yes.


Scott: Jean, slow down. Should we be worried about this?
Jean: About what? About me?
Scott: It’s not the telekinesis, Logan told me you manifested a Phoenix raptor display when the U-Men attacked the school. Jean, you know what happened last time you lost control of these enormous thoughts and emotions of yours.
Jean: Do I look like i’m losing control? These are different times, Scott. Everything is different.

This scene brings up an interesting point. Others begin to realize that her powers are growing stronger than they’ve ever been. While searching for survivors in a very destroyed Genosha, she lifts 50 tons of rubble purely using her unaided telekinetic abilities. During Morrison’s run, Jean is arguably stronger than she’s ever been without drawing from the Phoenix Force and people begin to notice, including both Hank and Scott.

The caution that Scott has here is understandable, given their history with the Phoenix Force. Destruction caused by it extends beyond Earth, as does its reputation. It’s important to remember here, however, that Jean is not the same woman she was when she interacted with it, the first time she (or whatever part of her) became Phoenix. She’s older, more experienced, more confident. She believes she can control her abilities, which is a huge milestone in her development.

Throughout comics, it’s rare to see female superheroes, especially one as powerful as Jean, get to express the fact that their powers are under their  control, that they don’t need others to worry about them. It’s even rarer for them to get to maintain that sense of agency as comics progress, 

Unfortunately, that power seems to threaten some and these powerful women in comics often aren’t given the opportunity to last. In some way, that power is removed, be it through loss of abilities or through death. 

From New X-Men v1 #122, by Grant Morrison & Frank Quitely


In life, you can’t always know the consequences before you make a decision.

– The Queen of Maggots (The Cat Lady) Via


Submitted by Anonymous:

"This game helped me cope with my depression. It helped me to not self harm, too. I grew a strong attachment to Susan and Mitzi, and I love them very much. If only I could hug them and thank them for everything they have helped me with."

The only monsters are us… Murderers, rapists, arsonists… They’re the real beasts… So far from humanity they’re no longer capable of feeling compassion or guilt. They’re the ones we should really be afraid of.

– Susan Ashworth, in The Cat Lady (game), after Mitzi tells Susan that she once got lost in a fog and was afraid a monster would grab her (via hollowasian) Via So, yeah. Hi.


Bruce Wayne… DATING!

All I need now is alfred with an old school GameBoy and either Red, Blue, or Yellow version on it. And Maybe through in a pikachu. I wonder what his team would be?


As far as alternate continuities go, it’s sorta nice to have some where Jean outlives Scott. I’m also choosing to interpret “never found another man that could even come close to equaling you” as another way of saying “Storm and I are totally banging like crazy.”

Sometimes is easier not to talk. To keep it to yourself. As soon as you open your mouth, you realize that nobody listens. They might pretend they do… but you can tell by the eyes… Eyes will always give you away. The thing is, that I don’t care anymore. I’m just playing a game now, like everyone else. Just playing a game.

Liz, The Cat Lady (via xspoiled-bratx) Via ✨Million Dollar Baby✨


Collections that Leave You Breathless—> Suneet Varma | India Bridal Fashion Week | 2013 The Golden Bracelet


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